Our Rosés signed by the A.D.P family – Boutique officielle du Château Lagrézette

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Our Rosés signed by the A.D.P family

At Domaine Lagrézette, all our rosés are certified 100% Malbec. From this grape variety renowned for its intense colors, we use our expertise to make light and elegant dresses, while retaining the power of the aromas.
These are rosés that can be kept for 6 to 8 years. :
  • The Rosé de Julie, is the rosé from one of AD PERRIN's daughters. Julie is particularly fond of rosé but also white which henceforth bear her name. It is a partridge-eye rosé that delivers a fruity sensation on the palate accentuated by a raspberry note. The touch of acidity brings freshness to the rosé like candy, past memories.
  • RoseBerry, the Rosé de Bérangère PERRIN , also refers to one of A.D PERRIN's daughters. Rosé de Bérangère - “Berry” for those in the know - is a rosé with a crystalline color. This wine delivers notes of flowers and red fruits. It is a full-bodied and velvety wine developing a tactile impression of richness on the palate.
  • The Pigeonnier Rosé, is the icon par excellence of our Château. The Pigeonnier vines are on average 35 years old. It is thanks to the age of the vines that this wine will surprise you on the palate with notes of red fruits and a floral nose. Its lively attack and brioche notes are popular beyond the Lot. It goes divinely well with fish cooked in foil or served as an aperitif.